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Housing Abatement Board

Housing Abatement Board

The Housing Abatement Board serves the city by making sure that no building, structure, part of a building or structure, party wall, or foundation is unsafe or may otherwise cause a public nuisance. The board is made up of citizens from each district in the city who are appointed by their City Council Representative. They serve 4-year terms congruent to that of their City Council Representative.

For more information about the Housing Abatement Board, contact City Hall at 205-665-2555.

Board Members

Kevin Hughes, District 111.1.2024
Lorenza Mitchell, Sr., District 2 11.1.2024
Ethel May Thompson, District 3 11.1.2024
Claude Elledge, District 4 11.1.2024
George Henry, District 5 11.1.2024

Meeting Times

As needed


Steve Gilbert