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Green Business Program

Montevallo Main Street is launching a Green Business Program to promote sustainability in the Montevallo area. The city is making huge strides to lead the region in sustainability and is looking forward to educating and encouraging businesses and customers to be responsible as well. This FUN, FLEXIBLE, and FREE program will help business owners think about ways they can reduce their waste, save money, and attract conscious consumers from Montevallo and the surrounding areas. Businesses will save money with their sustainable choices to reduce and reuse and will in turn inspire sustainable actions in their consumers.

Why businesses should join:

  • Members receive access to no cost sustainability advice. Sustainability experts will work with businesses to identify ways to increase efficiency and save money through energy conservation, waste reduction, pollution prevention, streamlined procurement, and risk management.
  • Businesses will be distinguished from competitors and will therefore be in the position to attract consumers who integrate sustainability factors into their purchasing decisions. Ultimately, socially responsible business is good business.
  • Green Businesses will be advertised in local and regional newspapers and will be provided logos and other materials to use in private advertising. Businesses will also be given window decals to show their status as a Green Business, giving them a “leg up” against their competitors.

Is your business interested in showing its commitment to your community, employees, and clients by voluntarily integrating environmental practices into your business operations and strategy?

We propose a gradual incorporation of green practices. The first year we ask businesses to pledge to Go Green. Then, starting in year two and going forward, businesses can earn Silver, Gold, or Platinum certification.

  • Pledge: A business's first year enrolled in the program where they pledge to "Go Green." Pledging only required businesses to report on one environmental impact, which most businesses are doing already! We can help businesses identify the ways in which they're helping the environment. 
  • Silver: Businesses who complete 12-24 actions and report on at least one environmental impact will be certified for 1-2 years!
  • Gold: Businesses who complete 25-44 actions and report on at least one environmental impact will be certified Gold for 1-2 years!
  • Platinum: Businesses who complete over 45 actions and report on at least two environmental impacts will reach Platinum level Certification for 2-3 years! 

Here is a list of over 140 actions your business can choose to do, though we always welcome other creative ways to be more green! All businesses who pledge or want to be certified need to report on at least 1 or two environmental actions annually. Impacts include (but are not limited to) "recycled ___ number of plastic water bottles," "reduced plastic straw usage by asking 'do you want a straw'," "reduced ___ amount of receipts by offering paperless or no printed receipt option," "___ amount of vegetarian / vegan meals served," "___ customers were rewarded for bringing back containers for reuse or refill."

Are you a conscious consumer? Check out the registered businesses below – they are doing their part to keep Montevallo green!

Green Businesses

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