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Fire Investigations and Prevention

Fire investigation and prevention is a function of all fire departments nationwide. The Montevallo Fire Investigation and Prevention Bureau is responsible for fire safety code enforcement, fire investigations, and public education. We utilize a proactive approach through fire and life safety inspections and public education to reduce hazards and the damage caused by them.

Community Education

Each year, the Fire Investigation and Prevention Bureau aims to educate thousands of school aged children and hundreds of adults about the dangers of fire during Fire Prevention Week. During this week, the Fire Prevention Team goes around to all the schools to talk one-on-one with the students and teach them lifesaving information. During the 2019 Fire Prevention Week, our team reached over 1,100 children and 140 adults.


Fire Inspections are required before a business license can be obtained, and periodically to ensure fire code is still being met. To request a fire inspection, fill out the Request for Fire Inspection form. This form is very simple and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Be sure to request a fire inspection at least 2 weeks prior to the date you're set to open to give enough time for the inspection to be completed and the business license issued. 

Before your fire inspection, be sure to review the Pre-Inspection Checklist to make sure you're prepared. Reviewing this list will give you an idea of what the inspectors will be looking for when they come to your business.  

Remember: you must have documentation that your business has passed a fire inspection before a business license will be issued.

Fire Investigations

The fire prevention office handles all investigations for suspicious fires and incidents of hazardous materials, explosive devices, bomb threats, threats to burn, and other offenses. We work diligently to find the cause of every fire in Montevallo and keep you safe.

Fire Reports

If you have experienced a loss from fire, please contact us at the email addresses listed and we will send you a fire report. To have it faxed or mailed, please include your fax number or address. If you do not have email, call us at 205-665-2555 x 705 and we will take care of your request.

Burn Permits

To request a burn permit, fill out the Request for Burn Permit Form (link form to these words). Burn permits are only issued during certain times of the year, and if the atmospheric conditions and local circumstances are safe for burning. If you have any questions, please contact the Fire Investigations and Prevention Bureau. 

Rules of Burning:

  • The fire shall not be started prior to 8:00 a.m.
  • The fire shall not have any fuel added to it after 3:00 p.m.
  • The fire shall be attended by a competent person.
    • Said Person shall attend the fire until such a time as open flaming is no longer present.
    • Smoldering or glowing embers or deep-seated fire core does not constitute open flaming.
  • The location of the fire shall not be less than one hundred (100) feet from any structure.
  • The permit recipient shall insure that adequate provisions are made to prevent the fire from spreading.
    • The Fire Official shall be the final authority in determining the adequacy of provisions to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Tires nor any other means of accelerants shall be used to start or maintain the fire.
  • The burning of toxic or noxious materials shall not be permitted.
  • This permit shall become void and all burning shall cease when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous.
  • Burn permits will only be issued for construction on or development of two-acre plots or greater.

Burn Permits are issued at the discretion of a Fire Official and does not supersede any City, County, State, or Federal requirements. This permit is subject to all laws, rules, and regulations of the City of Montevallo and may be revoked at any time without prior notice upon failure to comply with any of the rules.


Chief Brad Davis

Fire Chief

Phone: (205) 665-2555 x 705