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Arbor and Beautification Board

Arbor and Beautification Board

The Arbor and Beautification Board helps us celebrate the natural beauty of our city. The board hosts an annual Arbor Day celebration which encourages individuals and groups to plant and care for trees and the natural environment around them. The Arbor and Beautification Board meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month in the Parnell Room at Parnell Memorial Library at 5:30 p.m. 

Board Members 

John McKinnon, Chair05.01.2021 
Herschel Hale 05.01.2020 
Billy Tyler  05.01.2021 
Melinda Nix 05.01.2020 
Joan Pickett 05.01.2021 
Robert Doyle 05.01.2022 
Michele Pawlick 05.01.2022 
Nathan "Lanny" McMinn 10.14.2022 
Kathy Adams, Secretary09.01.2022 
Martha Ann Eisenberg, City Council 

Meeting Times

4th Tuesday of Each month - Parnell Room - 5:30 PM  


John McKinnon

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